S.No. Name  
1.        Dr. N. Ethirajalu,Vice Chancellor Chairman
Vice Chancellor Nominees
2.        Dr.R.Natarajan
Dean of Sciences,
Alagappa University,
External Member
3.        Dr.Simon P.Shishaj,
Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
NIT, Trichirapalli.
External Member
4.        Dr.R. Shanmuga Priya,
Professor, Department of Architecture,
Sathyabama University,Chennai.
External Member
Persons co-opted by the Council
5.        Dr.S. Ramamohan
Principal Scientist,
Business Management Area,
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,
Tarnaka, Hyderabad – 500007.
External Member
6.        Dr.Mohammed Kasim Khan
Spoken Tutorial Project,
TCS Lab, Behind CAD Centre,
IIT Bombay, Powai,

Mumbai – 400 076,
Cell No.9003707005,
External Member
7.        Mr.Ramesh Rajagopalan,
Location Manager-Southern Region System Certifcation Hub, India,
GST Road,
ROMA No.10, Near Khathipara Flyover,
External Member
8.        Prof. C.Nagarajan Member
9.        Dr. V. Ramadass Member
10.    Dr.A.Sohna Chandra Packiavathy Member
11.    Dr. P. Rajasekar Member
12.    Dr.R.Jaganathan Member
13.    Prof.R.Alagarsamy Member
14.    Dr.P.Rajeevkumar Member
15.    Dr. S. Nithyanandam Member
16.    Dr. K. Saravanan Member
17.    Dr. Aushtosh Das Member
18.    Dr.T.J.Jayasolan Member
19.    Mr. B. Aravind Member
20.    Dr.S.Mohanraj Member
21.    Dr. P. Saradha Member
22.    Dr.D.Vincent.H.Wilson Member
23.    Dr.M. Senthilkumar Member
24.    Dr. P. Parthiban Member
25.    Dr.Mukesh Goel Member
26.    Dr.R.Selvaraj Member
27.    Dr.R.Maruthi Member
28.    Dr. K.B Jasmine Suthandira Devi Member
29.    Dr. P. Avirajamanjula Member
30.    Dr.K.Shibila Member
31.    Dr.Subash Member
32.    Dr. S. Ramesh Member
33.    Dr.K.G.Selvan Member
34.    Dr. S. Devi Member
35.    Dr. M. Jerome Rozario Member
36.    Dr.Iraikarkuzhali Member
37.    Dr.T.Uithrapathy Member
38.    Dr.Ls. Usharani Member
39.    Dr.S.Audithan Member
40.    Dr.R.Arivalan Member
41.    Dr. P.Ramachandran Member
42.    Dr.Kalidoss Member
43.    Dr.T.G.Ramamoorthy Member
44.    Dr.S.Udayakumar Member
45.    Dr.S.Subashchandrabose Member
46.    Dr. L. Chinnappa Member
47.    Dr. A.Rijuvana Begum Member
48.    Dr.R.Balakumar Member
49.    R.Tamizh Selvan Member
50.    M.Abdul Ghani Khan Member
51.    Dr.Kailasam Koumaravelou Secretary

Planning and Monitoring Board

1Dr.N.Ethirajalu Chairperson
3Dr.S.Krishna MohanMember
10Prof.M.Abdul Ghani KhanMember
12Dr.Kailasam KoumaravelouMember Secretary

Finance Committee

1Dr.N.Ethirajalu, Vice Chancellor Chairperson
2Mr.M.Ponnaiya NageshwaranMember, Nominee of the Trust
3Dr.K.Saravavnan Member, Nominee of the BOM
4Dr.Ashutosh Das Member, Nominee of the BOM
5Nomination awaitedNominee of the UGC
6Mrs.A.Nanthini,Finance Officer i/c Member Secretary

Annual Report 15-16
Annual Report 16-17


Dr.A.Sohna Chandra Packiavathy,M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D

Controller of Examinations

Dr.A.Sohna Chandra Packiavathy is the fourth and first Woman Controller of Examinations in PRIST University, Thanjavur. As an alumnus of Ponnaiyah Ramajayam College with Gold Medal in Master’s Degree, she obtained her M.Phil., and Ph.D., Biochemistry from Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli. Her area of specialization is Clinical Biochemistry.

Dr.A.Sohna Chandra Packiavathy has been serving in PRGI as a Vibrant Academician and Dedicated Administrator. She started her teaching career as a Lecturer in Department of Biochemistry, Ponnaiyah Ramajayam College in 2000. She has participated in UGC Sponsored “Capacity Building Programme of the Women Managers in Higher Education” at Bharathidasan University in December 2007.

She was promoted as Head of the Department in 2008. She has participated and presented papers in a number of National and International Seminars. She has produced many M.Phil., Scholars and has published around 10 Papers in reputed National and International Journals.

She has entered the field of Administration in December 2010 as Additional Controller of Examinations and promoted as Controller of Examinations in December 2012.

Deans & Directors

Dean of Arts & ScienceDr. K. Saravanan,
Dean of LawProf.Alagarsamy
Dean of EducationDr. P. Rajasekar
Dean Engineering & TechnologyDr. S. Nithyanandam
Dean of Commerce & Business ManagementDr.T.J.Jayasholan
Dean of PharmacyDr.P.Shanmugapandi.
Dean of AgricultureDr.R.Jagannathan
Dean of ArchitectureMr.B.Aravind
Dean (Student Affairs)Dr.D.Muruganandam