Science has enabled people to understand the environment, the universe and the human body and its requirements. This enormous range of science is incredibly complex and perplexing to the scientist.

The centre for advanced computing and bioinformatics is a centre that encourages interdisciplinary research whose goal is to catalyze research at the interface of biology and computational and physical sciences.

The recent advances in computational methods have lead to its applications in all areas including biology. This has taken computer science far beyond mere programming and data management.

This inter-disciplinary centre focuses on the computational applications in biology, drawing knowledge from mathematics, statistics, computer science, information technology, biology and biotechnology.

CACB’s vision statement is in keeping with the needs of our University which is to promote interdisciplinary research and establish facilities of International Standards. The primary activity of the centre is research and development in areas ranging from core Computing to Bioinformatics.

The Centre aims to provide students and research scholars with strong conceptual foundations (theoretical and experimental), and also expose them to the forefront of the developments in the field of computing and bioinformatics.

Recognizing the applicability of computing to all fields of knowledge and practice the centre aims to offer courses in data mining, computational biology and bioinformatics.