Tamilnadu is facing calamities and disasters almost every year due to monsoon and cyclones. Now recently the seismic studies have brought the seismologist of this country to bring the southern districts from the earthquake vulnerability zone 4 to 5. Above all the recent tsunami terrorized the coastal people along the coastal tamilnadu. Follow through the same coast has faced the impact of thane storm surge. The impact of these disastrous damages but of having guide the government and planners for effective implementation has brought for an effort of disaster damage reduction.

In the mean time having promulgated the National Disaster Management Agency Act of 2006 has been brought to implementation by 2007. The NDMA is making an all-out effort to propagate the knowledge of disaster and its related prevention, prediction, mitigation, rehabilitation and restoration processes.

The University Grants Commission has given a very strong circular during December 2012 to initiate and strengthen the part of capacity building in the higher education on disaster management.

Having spotted the lacunae in the capacity building, the PRIST University has taken the lead to initiate a full time programme of M.Tech in Disaster Management following the UGC Circular. The Chancellor of this university has no hesitation to initiate this course in the interest of the local society and to respect the suggestion offered by UGC.

This centre has also given momentum to research on EIA study and preparing EIA report and Coastal Regulation Zone clearance for our 6 Ilmenite mining projects at Reel, Undi, Varwade, Pethpurnagad,Goakhandi, and Kalbadevi villages in ratnagiri taluk and district of Maharashtra. Above all this centre is mobilizing a project on substitution for boundary silt for the art ions of swamimalai metal engraves. It is giving consultancy to M/s. Indian Garnet and southern enterprise to give necessary solutions in the issues popping up along the coast during the beach mining.Indian National Science Academy has short listed the project submitted by the centre to record the existing traditional knowledge on the medical system prevailing among fisher folk. The centre has also initiated the doctoral research in disaster management.