PRIST University has established Student Innovation Centre (SIC) to commemorate the five year completion of PRIST University and the Silver Jubilee of PONNAIYAH RAMAJAYAM INSTITUTIONS. The aim of this SIC is to nurture the innovation skills of the students and faculty of PRIST University.SIC may provide the necessary platform to students for realizing their innovative ideas. It may facilities interdisciplinary research and innovations. Through this proposed park, basic funding may be provided to students having innovative ideas in the form of seed money to their proposed projects. SIC may also provide resources for startups from students, faculty and the university. The products output that came through innovative projects completed of this university may be exhibited in this proposed SIC. The ultimate focus of this SIC would be to promote innovation culture among the students and to give due recognition to students who have come out with innovative projects. In future a great work space a comprehensive inventory, ample guidance from faculty and senior students and the passion of the faculty and students involved in SIC may be a remarkable asset to PRIST University.  


To encourage students and faculty of the university to take part in innovation, idea generation and product development.

To provide seed money to transform students innovative idea in to a product.

To arrange for workshop to students which may motivate students and staff to have a third for innovation.

To create awareness about patenting among faculty, students and researchers.

To facilitate at least two innovative products that may be useful for society.

To exhibit products output of students innovation projects.