PRIST University has established Student Innovation Centre (SIC) to commemorate the five year completion of PRIST University and the Silver Jubilee of PONNAIYAH RAMAJAYAM INSTITUTIONS. The aim of this SIC is to nurture the innovation skills of the students and faculty of PRIST University.SIC may provide the necessary platform to students for realizing their innovative ideas. It may facilities interdisciplinary research and innovations. Through this proposed park, basic funding may be provided to students having innovative ideas in the form of seed money to their proposed projects. SIC may also provide resources for startups from students, faculty and the university. The products output that came through innovative projects completed of this university may be exhibited in this proposed SIC. The ultimate focus of this SIC would be to promote innovation culture among the students and to give due recognition to students who have come out with innovative projects. In future a great work space a comprehensive inventory, ample guidance from faculty and senior students and the passion of the faculty and students involved in SIC may be a remarkable asset to PRIST University.  

  • To encourage students and faculty of the university to take part in innovation, idea generation and product development.
  • To provide seed money to transform students innovative idea in to a product.
  • To arrange for workshop to students which may motivate students and staff to have a third for innovation.
  • To create awareness about patenting among faculty, students and researchers.
  • To facilitate at least two innovative products that may be useful for society.
  • To exhibit products output of students innovation projects.
List of Students Innovation Projects
S. No Year Title of the Invention Dept. Corresponding Author
1.        2010 Advance Control of 250 mVA Generator, Transformer Cooling and Emulsifier System Using PLC Technology EEE J.Sanjeevi Kumar
2.        2010 Low Energy Fault-Tolerant Bounded Hop Broadcast in Wireless Network CSE A. Delphin Carolina Rani
3.        2010 Advanced Remote Computer Management and Exploits CSE P. Kalaivani
4.        2011 Hybrid Power System Using Solar and Wind Energy EEE M. Mangayarkarasi
5.        2012 Study of Relationship of Potential Kidney Stone with Water Consumption & Quality and Dietary Habits of the People in Urban Thanjavur CIVIL Dr. K. Ravikumar
6.        2012 Experimental Study on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Material CIVIL S. Alexandar
7.        2012 Experimental Investigation on Compressive and Flexural Behavior of Copper Slag Based Blended Cement CIVIL B. Jose Ravindra Raj
8.        2012 Design of Concrete Using Sea Sand and Micro Silica CIVIL M. Rajiv Gandhi
9.        2012 Study on Strenghth Of Concrete Using Marble Dust as Partial Replacement of Cemeny CIVIL Geethanjali
10.    2012 Design of Smart Tunnel CIVIL M. Rajiv Gandhi
11.    2012 Implementation of Five Level Inverter Based UPFC System EEE M. Bhuvaneswari
12.    2012 Manufacturing and Performance Analysis of World’s First Electric Floating Car (EKARBO) EEE B. Kunjithapatham
13.    2012 Distribution Network of BokaroSteel Plant (SAIL) EEE B. Kunjithapatham
14.    2012 FDAC: Toward Fine Grained Distributed Data Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks CSE R. Bahavani
15.    2012 Integration of False Data Detection with Data Aggregation CSE D. Mirunalini
16.    2012 Multiple Password Authentications CSE R. Bahavani
17.    2012 Supporting Efficient and Scalable Multicasting Over Ad Hoc Mobile Networks CSE M. Ambika
18.    2012 Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear Programming in Cloud Computing CSE M. Raja RajaCholan
19.    2012 Design and Fabrication of Scotch Yoke Mechanism MECH Vijayakumar
20.    2012 Design and Fabrication of Single Cylinder Two Stage Air Compressor MECH U. Udhayasankar
21.    2013 Low Cost Roofing a New Approach CIVIL V. Vineetha
22.    2013 Design of Steel Transmission Tower CIVIL K. Ranjith
23.    2013 Renal Stone Studies Using Fuzzy Logic and GIS Applications CIVIL K. Ravikumar
24.    2013 Power Generation by Using Renewable Energy for Mobile Communication Tower EEE JanakiPriya
25.    2013 A Platform for Security Architecture Based on Android CSE P. Boopathy
26.    2013 Microcontroller Based Intelligent Medicine Case and Dosage Monitoring System ECE A. Rijuvana Begum
27.    2013 GSM Based E-Notice Board for Educational Sector ECE R. Ramya Devi
28.    2013 Design and Fabrication of Tri Wheel Three Fuel Car MECH Vincent H. Wilson
29.    2013 Design and Fabrication of High Speed Next-Gen Cycle MECH M. Purushothaman
30.    2013 Investigation of the Operating Characteristics of C.I Engine Using Biodieswelfrom Castor Oil MECH Vincent H. Wilson
31.    2013 Design and Fabrication of Multi Terrain Vehicle MECH Vincent H. Wilson
32.    2014 Construction Of Waste Material Recycling CIVIL Dr. K. Ravikumar
33.    2014 Plan ,Design & Estimation Of Prestressed Post Tensioned Deck Slab CIVIL B. Jose Ravindra Raj
34.    2014 Numerical Analysis Of Differential Settlement Of A High Rise R.C.C Framed Structure. CIVIL B. Jose Ravindra Raj
35.    2014 Experimental Study On Bio-Cement Based Concrete With Admixtures CIVIL R. Vijayasarathy
36.    2014 Effective Study On Strength & Durability Properties Of Concrete With Nano Metakaolin CIVIL R. Vijayasarathy
37.    2014 Image Forgery Localization via Fine Grained Analysis of CFA Artifacts CSE Dr. K. Saravanan
38.    2014 Performance Evaluation in Virtual Organizations Using Data Mining & Opinion Mining CSE T. Karunakaran
39.    2014 An error minimizing framework for localizing jammers in wireless networks CSE Dr. K. Saravanan
40.    2014 Scalable and secure sharing of personal health records in Cloud Computing using attribute based encryption CSE T. Karunakaran
41.    2014 Evaluation of Academic Performance of Students with Fuzzy Logic CSE P. N. Suguna
42.    2014 Secured Shared Data in Cloud Using Ring Signature – New Pattern Proposed on Data Sharing in Cloud CSE D. Vinotha
43.    2014 Design And Fabrication & Performance Analysis The Table Top Portable Friction Welding Machine MECH T.T.M. Kannan
44.    2014 Design and Fabrication &Performance Analysis the Table Top Mini Lathe MECH V. Kalaiyarasan
45.    2014 Experimental Set Up Hot & Cold Chamber Refrigeration System MECH P. Vijayakumar
46.    2015 Study on Strength Characteristics of Phosphogypsum Concrete with Steel Fiber CIVIL K. R. Keerthi Raman
47.    2015 Experimental Investigation of Partial Replacement of Cement by Alccofineand GGBFS Waste M20 Concrete CIVIL K. Shanthi
48.    2015 Partial Replacement of Cement by Using Paper Industry Waste(Hyposludge) CIVIL B. Jose Ravindra Raj
49.    2015 Investigation On Strength And Durability of Slurry Infiltrated Fibrous Concrete CIVIL V. Geetha
50.    2015 Analysis the Effect of Wind and Seismic Load on Steel Chimney CIVIL K. Shanthi
51.    2015 Packet delay modeling of truncated Multi-process ARQ Protocols for parallel communications  CSE P. N. Suguna
52.    2015  Social media mining to get the behavior of youth for sociality. CSE D. Thulasi Raman
53.    2015 Vifi(Village Fisher) Man’s Border Awareness Technology Using RF Sensor – A Socio Thought and New Strategy Adopted CSE S. J. Vivekanandan
54.    2015 Design of Real Time System for Recognition & Monitoring of Driving Pattern and Co Emission Constraints ECE Dr. Smitha Elsa Peter
55.    2015 Integration Management System for Health & Environmental Issues Using Wireless Sensor Networking ECE A. Rijuvana Begum
56.    2015 Design of Analog 4 Port Voip Based Telephony Card to Interface With Fxo – Fxs Module for Communication ECE Dr. Smitha Elsa Peter
57.    2015 Raspberry Pi Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication ECE A. Rijuvana Begum
58.    2015 Smart Ticket Booking and Intelligent Passenger Identification System in Railways Using Dip & GSM Receiver ECE S. Balakrishnan
59.    2015 Low Cost Water Contamination System ECE R. Ramya Devi
60.    2015 Analysis Based Error Model for the Microsoft Kinect Depth Sensor ECE K. Vinoth
61.    2015 Design and Implementation of Smart Train ECE S. Balakrishnan
62.    2015 Framework of Vehicle Emission Control and Tracking Through Rfid Technology ECE K. Vinoth
63.    2015 High Efficient Noncontact Hand Gesture Recognition Algorithm for Human Machine Interfaces ECE A. Sujatha Priyadharshini
64.    2015 GSM Based Airport Automation and Surveillance in Taxi Bay ECE K. Vignesh
65.    2015 A Study on Fuzzy Differential Equations MATHS Dr. V. Ramadoss
66.    2015 A Study on Trees and Petrinets MATHS Dr. S. Subramaniyam
67.    2015 A Case Study on Optimal Management of Stocks in Inventory Model MATHS Dr. S. Udhayakumar
68.    2015 Application of Fuzzy Soft Matrices in Medical Diagnosis MATHS Dr. A. Gurumoorthi
69.    2015 Design and Fabrication of Portable Chemical Grinding Machine for Different Materials MECH V. Kalaiyarasan
70.    2015 Design and Fabrication of Refrigeration System Using Terra Cotta MECH P. Vijayakumar
71.    2015 Experimental Investigation and Design Optimization of Micro Drilling Process Parameters of Austenite Stainless Steel(AISI 316) Sheets by DOE Concepts MECH T.T.M. Kannan
72.    2016 Experimental Study on Waste Foundry Sand for Low Cost Concrete CIVIL B. Jose Ravindra Raj
73.    2016 Optimal Design and Operation of Waste Water Treatment CIVIL D. Jeyakumar
74.    2016 Analysis of Water Pollution and Remedial Measures of Vaigai River CIVIL B. Jose Ravindra Raj
75.    2016 Analysis And Design Of Fly Ash and Bed Ash Silo for Thermal Power Plant Structures CIVIL G. Portchezian
76.    2016 An Experimental Study On Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Mineral Based Composites CIVIL K. Tamilvanan
77.    2016 Fake Product Review Monitoring And Removal for Genuine Online Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining CSE R. Selvakumar
78.    2016 A neuro-fuzzy agent based group decision HR system for candidate ranking CSE P. Karthi
79.    2016 Biomedical Data Mining for Web Page Relevance Checking CSE R. Selvakumar
80.    2016 MRI Tumor Diagnostic Image Using Gray Scale Segmentation Techniques CSE MSR. Shanthi
81.    2016 MPLS Based VPN in ISP ECE S. Balakrishnan
82.    2016 Voice Controlled and Activated Robotic Wheel Chair ECE Dr. A. Rijuvana Begum
83.    2016 A Study on Geometric Inequalities MATHS Dr. V. Ramadoss
84.    2016 A Study on Fuzzy Algebra and fuzzy Automata MATHS Dr. S. Subramaniyam
85.    2016 Design and Fabrication of Water Spraying Windshield Wiper MECH Dr. M. Ganesan
86.    2016 Design and Fabrication of Automatic Clutch Engaged for Bus MECH D. George Oliver
87.    2016 Design and Fabrication of Material Handling Robot for Multi Station MECH D. Sudhakar